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November 6 2014
Guests: Beth Karas and Dawna Kaufmann

11-06-2014 07:35:04

hey anyone here?

11-06-2014 07:35:19
David Bailey


11-06-2014 07:35:57

working on my show prep. text me if you need anything

11-06-2014 07:36:20
David Bailey

will do

11-06-2014 07:38:21
Emi Nikolov

hey guys I am here

11-06-2014 07:38:30
David Bailey

Tricia is off getting ready
Hi MrsG

11-06-2014 07:39:38

hey david 🙂

11-06-2014 07:41:53
Emi Nikolov

dave my question was is there any chance that u guys might do a show on Sierra LaMAr

11-06-2014 07:45:33
David Bailey

I can certainly pass that on to Tricia

11-06-2014 07:50:11
Emi Nikolov

thanks this girl went mmissing 2 years ago in Morgan Hill
hi Mrs G

11-06-2014 07:55:46

Hi Emi 🙂

11-06-2014 07:59:24
Emi Nikolov

dave Sierra’s suspect’s hearing is coming up on Wednesday
she went missing 2 years ago from Morgan Hill

11-06-2014 07:59:42
David Bailey

I remember the name but not the case

11-06-2014 08:00:02
Emi Nikolov

oh ok

11-06-2014 08:00:34
David Bailey

That means nothing, I do not have time to keep up with much

11-06-2014 08:00:53
Emi Nikolov

I understand
I live in the area where she was abducted from
strange is that no media is mentioning the upcoming hearing

11-06-2014 08:01:49
David Bailey

not even local?

11-06-2014 08:01:59
Emi Nikolov

not even local
he last article or something in local media was in July when they released the grand jury stuff

11-06-2014 08:02:25
David Bailey

I understand the frustration, there is 1 case that I want to follow but they say nothing

11-06-2014 08:02:58
Emi Nikolov

which is that case
is it ok if I add u on facebook

11-06-2014 08:03:14
David Bailey

A local friend of mine Jerry Collins
Emi, stay tuned. Tricia will be addressing your case.
The radio show is now live
Any questions for Beth?

11-06-2014 08:11:30
Emi Nikolov

no questions
why is the trial postponed with a few days

11-06-2014 08:13:06
David Bailey

she is answering that now

11-06-2014 08:13:53

My producer picked the weirdest music. LOL. how is everyone tonight

11-06-2014 08:14:02
David Bailey


11-06-2014 08:17:28
Emi Nikolov

thanks Dave I sent you a friend request
oh now I see you accepted it

11-06-2014 08:32:14
David Bailey


11-06-2014 08:32:20
Emi Nikolov

thank you

11-06-2014 08:32:31
David Bailey


11-06-2014 08:36:39
Emi Nikolov


11-06-2014 08:37:46
David Bailey


11-06-2014 08:38:11
Emi Nikolov


11-06-2014 08:38:20
David Bailey

Robert Cooke

11-06-2014 08:38:43
Emi Nikolov

didn’t know he passed away
wonder what is the new news
i love tricia’s show

11-06-2014 08:51:41
David Bailey

uh oh

11-06-2014 08:56:00
Emi Nikolov

i thought u said she will mention ierra case

11-06-2014 08:56:27
Sue Webb

she did mention it at the beginning. Said she would do a show in the future

11-06-2014 08:56:45
Emi Nikolov

oh did not know
thanks sue

11-06-2014 08:57:08
Sue Webb

your welcome

11-06-2014 08:59:10

thanks everyone. see you next week. thanks Dave

11-06-2014 08:59:24
Sue Webb

Looking forward to next week

11-06-2014 08:59:25
David Bailey

That was fast

11-06-2014 08:59:33
Sue Webb

Great show

11-06-2014 08:59:40
David Bailey

Tune next week November 13 our Guest will be Steph Watts. Steph Watts is a freelance television producer and reporter, and covers high profile crimes and celebrity news. One of our topics next week will be the case of death row inmate Rodney Reed The innocence project is working on his behalf and says there is a lot of DNA that needs to be tested before he is executed on Jan 14 2015.

11-06-2014 09:00:08

I agree with you Tricia about needing to know the psychology of the criminals

11-06-2014 09:00:14
David Bailey

Thanks Dawna

11-06-2014 09:01:06

oh this ad just does my head in, could she tone it down??

11-06-2014 09:01:14
David Bailey

Will get the archives will be up shortly

11-06-2014 09:01:40

thanks david 😀
Bye guys xo

11-06-2014 09:03:08
Emi Nikolov

david will u message me when Sierra’s case is on the radio
I hope the trial starts soon for her
thanks in advance Dave