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September 4 2014
Guests: Dr. James Fallon

Dr. James Fallon is a neuroscientist well versed in psychopathy

09-04-2014 07:39:38

Howdy David.

09-04-2014 07:39:44
David Bailey


09-04-2014 07:40:03

How goes it this screechin’ hot afternoon?

09-04-2014 07:40:18
David Bailey

little rain to cool it off 🙂
Tricia is under the weather so tonights show is a replay of a show which featured Dr. James Fallon. a neuroscientist well versed in psychopathy.

09-04-2014 07:40:42

Oh, I see, okay thank you.
I’ll hang out & listen in the background. Need to get a good yoga workout in.

09-04-2014 07:41:07
David Bailey

Rebecca Morris has been postponed until next week
there ya go

09-04-2014 07:41:29

No worries. Everything happens for a reason.
Hope Tricia’s better.
I’m dragging out the mat, am gonna fill it with ice cubes & it’s yoga time. So, I’ll speak with you later, but I’m listening.

09-04-2014 07:43:33
David Bailey


09-04-2014 07:43:47

Just kidding… but, it would be nice
I can’t take the SoCal heat anymore… time to move back to snow

09-04-2014 07:44:53
David Bailey

could not handle that

09-04-2014 07:45:42

Never thought I’d say it… but, heat’s just not for me. My skin can’t handle the sun either. It’s okay… maybe someday when I retire I’ll venture back to the coast.
Well, have a good weekend, David. I’ll close this window & am listening to the show on the other link. See you next Thurs!

09-04-2014 08:39:43
Tricia Arrington Griffith

Hey Everyone. No NEW true crime radio tonight. Sorry. Sick with a bad cold.
It starts in a few minutes