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September 25 2014
Guest: Kim Goldmam

Sister of Ron Goldman

09-25-2014 07:59:41

Ahh, I made it! Howdy, David…

09-25-2014 08:00:06
David Bailey


09-25-2014 08:00:52

Thank goodness it’s evening… the sun is going down a bit. I’m pretty sure my hair caught fire today

09-25-2014 08:00:54
David Bailey

Tonight is going to be a replay of the Kim Goldman interview

09-25-2014 08:01:33

Okay, thank you for telling me. I think I’ll just catch you next Thurs.
Have a real good weekend, David! Cheers…

09-25-2014 08:02:29
David Bailey

you too

09-25-2014 08:33:46
Linda Scott

Hi, from Cracka*Jaxx! I have no sound from my end but am trying to fix it now. Is the show on?

09-25-2014 08:38:14
David Bailey

tonight is a replay of an interview with Kim Goldman

09-25-2014 08:39:14
Linda Scott

Thks. Somehow I don’t think I’ll ve getting it fixed. Yeah, I saw your earlier post about the repeat.
So frustrating.