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October 23 2014
Guest: Levi Page and Beth Karas

Beth Karas is the owner of
Levi Page is the owner of

10-23-2014 07:34:18
David Bailey

The show will be starting shortly at

10-23-2014 07:40:48

I’m here. I didn’t have a chance to promote the show much because I am on the road. Is there anyone in chat now?

10-23-2014 07:41:24
David Bailey

just us and 1 silent pal
nope just us

10-23-2014 07:43:14

Oh crap. Let me tweet it again

10-23-2014 07:48:24
David Bailey

Hi Margie

10-23-2014 07:48:26
Margie Ann Oliver

Hello! I finally remembered to tune in to the Thurs. show.
Hi David

10-23-2014 07:48:42
David Bailey

Beth Karas and Levi Page tonight

10-23-2014 07:49:11
Margie Ann Oliver

I hope I am tuned in to the right channel. The guy is talking about Canada

10-23-2014 07:49:49
David Bailey

Masybe I do not turn it on until last minute

10-23-2014 07:49:51
Margie Ann Oliver

Now he is talking about Mike Brown shooting. Am I on the right channel?

10-23-2014 07:50:00
David Bailey

if you clicked the link here you are good

10-23-2014 07:50:19
Margie Ann Oliver


10-23-2014 07:50:26
David Bailey

Tricia will hit the air in about 15 minutes
Just a couple of minutes
The radio show is now live at
Hi Sue

10-23-2014 08:12:09
Sue Webb

If I remember correctly she will never be in general population if given lwop

10-23-2014 08:12:23
David Bailey

State should get anything Jodi makes

10-23-2014 08:13:17
Margie Ann Oliver

She is not convicted yet. Maybe the state can get her $ once she is sentenced??

10-23-2014 08:13:37
Sue Webb

She is convicted just not sentenced.
In order for the state to get the money it would have to be going directly to her.

10-23-2014 08:14:19
David Bailey

Interesting, last week only commercials and this week music replaces commercials
Hey Q

10-23-2014 08:16:28

Hi all! Just posted on JA thread about Tricia’s radio program.

10-23-2014 08:16:52
David Bailey


10-23-2014 08:18:18

not dismissed
mistake by Dr Drew show
annouced guest tonight – juror #17
but juror from 1st trial not this trial
Nurmi jumped the gun
at least that’s the word so far

10-23-2014 08:19:55
David Bailey

Hope so

10-23-2014 08:20:11
Margie Ann Oliver

AZlawyer at WS stated she has not been convicted. That’s all I know LOL Post #14*no-discussion*-2

10-23-2014 08:20:24

No explanation for Judge giving the rest of the day off though

10-23-2014 08:20:56
David Bailey


10-23-2014 08:23:22
Sue Webb

I read that Margie and he says "technically"
thanks for the information margie

10-23-2014 08:25:46
Margie Ann Oliver

Thanks Sue. It is all above my head!

10-23-2014 08:26:40

today’s juror problem did not result in dismissal
QUESTION: Why did JSS give everyone the afternoon off today? TIA
JSS at the helm!
Is everyone striking chat bc our banal chat is now posted for all to read over and over and over again?

10-23-2014 08:35:04
David Bailey

Think thats it?

10-23-2014 08:35:38

I saw last weeks was posted, David! ;-(

10-23-2014 08:35:59
Margie Ann Oliver

Posted where?

10-23-2014 08:36:10
David Bailey

Link at the top

10-23-2014 08:36:31
Margie Ann Oliver

The chat is archived?

10-23-2014 08:36:48
David Bailey

yes and the show

10-23-2014 08:37:02
Margie Ann Oliver

I did not expect the chat to be archived.

10-23-2014 08:38:18
David Bailey

Interesting, Maybe I will have to put up "click to proceed"

10-23-2014 08:42:02
Margie Ann Oliver

Who did she threatened. I missed that part in the trial.

10-23-2014 08:48:02
David Bailey

hi puzzler

10-23-2014 08:48:08


10-23-2014 09:01:04

Thanks everyone for coming to chat. We will see you next week. Thanks Dave

10-23-2014 09:02:30
David Bailey

We had audio 🙂
Slow night, gonna cloer her up