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June 19 2014
Guests: Cathy from

Today on the show Tricia is joined by good friend of the show Cathy from Tricia and Cathy discuss several cases including the misfortune of Steven Lillie who accidentally left his 9 month old baby in a hot car leading to her untimely death. They also discuss a horrible incident in an Arizona prison involving a volunteer teacher and a prisoner. The volunteer was left alone with a group sex offenders and one of them attacked and raped her. Additionally we get an update on the trial of Seth Mazzaglia who along with his girlfriend killed and disposed of the body of a friend who they had included in their kinky bondage games. Finally, they touch on the trial of Oscar Pistorius who is alleged to have shot his girlfriend through the bathroom door. The trial had been on hold while Oscar was observed by a psychiatric facility but will be resuming soon.