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May 1 2014
Guests: Dr Lillian Glass and Lisa Eastman

On today’s show Tricia speaks with Dr Lillian Glass, an expert on body language as it relates to deception. Dr. Glass and Tricia talk about the situation with Donald Sterling as well as Shaquille O’Neal’s lack of character as it relates to him making fun of a disabled person.

Also on this show we check in with Lisa Eastman, aunt of Dezirae Sheldon who was murdered by Dennis Duby. Lisa explains what has been happening with Dennis including the continual changing of his account of the events.

Finally we are joined by friend of the show Cathy from who speaks with us about the atrocious case of Julie Schenecker who is accused of murdering both her 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son by shooting them multiple times. Julie’s trial has begun and we get the latest from Cathy.