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September 9 2015
Guest: Sheriff Mike Scott

This time we went to for a special edition true crime show on Wednesday Sept 8th 2015

Dr Teresa Sievers of Bonita Springs Florida was beloved by her family, friends and patients alike.

A happy and loving woman it appeared she had everything going for her. 2 wonderful children, loving husband, thriving homeopathic medical practice. However, as is often the case, what goes on behind closed doors can be the exact opposite of what we think we know.

After attending a funeral in CT with her husband and two young daughters Dr. Sievers decided to go home early and leave her family in Boston to spend a few extra days.

Dr. Sievers was murdered in home.

Two arrests have been made. One of those arrested is the best friend of Mark Sievers, Dr. Sievers husband.

There is more…so much more.

Joining us Wednesday September 9th 7 PM Eastern is the Sheriff in charge of the case Sheriff Mike Scott.

Sheriff Scott has graciously agreed to talk with us for a half hour and I promise you don’t want to miss a minute.