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Is the killer a man or a woman? Is an arrest coming soon? Why did the killer wear swat gear to kill? Most importantly, who killed Missy Bevers?

We try and answer those questions tonight with News Specialist Tamara Jolee Metcalfe
Midlothian, Texas, is home for Jolee and she’s connected to key pieces from every angle inside the Missy Bevers’ murder investigation. During this investigation, she is serving as a news consultant and commentator for various media outlets to allow her full freedom in coverage. Jolee was actually serving on an Ellis County jury the morning Bevers was killed, so she’s watched the murder investigation unravel up-close from start to finish.

Marc Klaas from the KlaasKids Foundation joins us to talk about the incredible news that Carlie Trent has been found safe. Marc will tell us how to prevent what happened to Carlie from happening to your kids.

Listen to the show Friday Morning HERE